Monday, January 17, 2011

7 Nights By Candle Light

Hey everyone,

Join in on a great experience. Hopefully one day it might even be a world event. Time will tell.

I thought up this crazy plan when I looked at my recent electricity bill. There was NO NEED for it to be the amount of usage that it was.

The idea:

Starting Monday for 7 days DON'T USE YOUR LIGHT SWITCHES.
Tape them up, put post-it notes on them, do what ever it takes to remind yourself that for the next 7 days you will do everything in your power to NOT use unnecessary power!

Get some good quality candles, open the blinds, let the moon shine in!
Do what ever it takes.

Don't over complicate it. Just for now, start with the light switches. Then we can move to bigger better things later!

This will be a fun experience. I think some benefits I'll see are increased energy. Increased mental awareness. Better recovery from work, training etc and a connection with my surroundings and the earth.

How cool!!!

So, are you going to make this apart of your week?

leave your progress in the comments.

Interested to get as many people in on this as I can.

We can do it :)

Shane Richards

CAUTION: PLEASE BE CAREFUL and think about WHERE you put your candles. Candles are a big cause of house fires.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fats and Oils

Welcome to 2011!

After having a little time away from the website it's time to bust back into 2011!

What better way to do this then to chat about fats and oils.
If you're doing a spring clean on the kitchen cupboard you might want to think about what you throw away and what you stock back up on. Maybe the below article will help shed some light on some good fats and not so good fats and oils.

Oils: When picking Oils. Organic is best, pick oils extracted via a cold pressing process. Cold pressed oils are oils that are extracted through very minimal heat. When you use high heats to extract oils (or chemicals) you damage and denature the product making it more rancid and oxidising the fats and oil.

Fats: When picking fats go for Free Range, Organic, Sustainable for the environment and the soil. Pick fats from animals that were grass fed, grass finished, happy and healthy. Check the source of your animals home, go to the farms. With fat, you want to be sure you're getting the BEST, cleanest source possible as fats attract toxins. If your animal was not very healthy and was toxic then the fats would correlate with this type of living.

Saturated fats to eat:
Coconut oil
Palm Oil
(these oils are very good to cook with as they have a high heat tolerance)
Full FAT dairy (don't go any low fat, skim products as it's just extracting more valuable resources from the original product)
Meats with fat from grass finished sources (cooked at a low temperature. Under 120 degrees for longer periods of time)
Fish (hard to find good quality, look around)

Seasame Oil
Olive Oil
Nut Oils
Flaxseed Oils
Nuts and seeds (activated is best)

(As stated above. Cold Pressed is best from organic sources. Ideally you would consume these oils WITHOUT heating. As in a salad dressing etc and not cook with these oils. If you want to use an oil to cook with, look towards coconut oil and palm oil, as these oils are more stable under high heat)

Saturated fats to avoid:

Trans fats (pretty much in anything that comes in a packet)
Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils
Fats that are from poor sources. Such as commercially raised animal fats (if commercially raised animal meat is all you have access to, avoid the fat as the fat is where the toxins will be be stored in an unhealthy animal)

Unsaturated fats to avoid:

Soybean Oil (85 - 95% of soy beans are genetically modified)
Grapeseed Oil
Canola Oil
Corn Oil

(generally these types of oils go through a massive process from soil to seed to produce. These oils generally would have been extracted through a high heat type method to get maximum amounts of oil to be sold.)

As always own your own decisions on any food you decide to eat. We are all 100% responsible for ourselves. Don't follow, lead with strong educated decisions on your own health. Your body is wonderful and amazing in all that it does. Be in tune with it!

In health and happiness,