Holistic Helpers

Welcome to a brand new initiative from Holistic Foundations!!

What is Holistic Helpers??

Holistic helpers is a new ongoing program aimed at bringing our members and staff together while also aiding to develop a strong sense of community spirit and participation from the company as a whole.

Holistic Helpers is designed to allow members and staff the opportunity to source, organise and participate in charitable activities in a supportive team environment.

Each month a member of the Holistic Helpers program will have the opportunity to nominate a worthwhile cause for group participation. This could be in the form of organising for members to volunteer their time at a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, animal shelter etc or could involve members taking part in fundraising activities such as the cancer councils’ Biggest Morning tea, Relay for life etc.

The main premise behind Holistic Helpers is that doing positive acts and helping others, creates a healthy, happy and positive mind set in regards to our own lives. We are then able to bring this positive mind set to all of our personal endeavours and training in order to better ensure our own success.

The program also recognises that through fostering community spirit and by genuinely caring about the well-being of others, by promoting compassion and empathy in our workplaces, neighbourhoods and communities, that we have the opportunity to greatly improve the world in which we live
How can I participate?

While predominantly designed for members and staff, those who are not current members of Holistic Foundations are also welcome to participate.

The first step is to register your interest and commitment to the Holistic Helpers program by emailing Shane Richards at holisticfoundations@hotmail.com you will be then added to our Holistic Helpers database and will receive regular updates on planned events as well as have the opportunity to nominate any worthwhile cause.

Register your interest today and do your bit to help make our world a happier and Healthier place!

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Health & Happiness,
The Holistic Foundations Team


  1. This is a wonderful initiative and I am proud of Holistic Foundations and wish to be part of it.

    I would like to make a suggestion for the first charity. There is an event called the Pink Ribbon Ride which is to raise money to fight against Breast Cancer. The organisers are a wonderful group called Girls Ride Out and they would welcome any volunteers and supporters. Website is http://www.pinkribbonride.com/ Send a message to me through Holistic Foundations if you'd like any further information. Linda

  2. Count me in too! Sounds great Linda :)

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  4. RU OK DAY - +$450
    Breast Cancer - +$1000

    Awesome work everyone!!! :)

    Holistic Helpers are changing lives!