Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holistic Foundations Presents - Sunday Dinner - Converstaion & Nourishing Food

Hey everyone,

Last week was a MASSIVE success. (thanks to all of you!)

Over 15 people turned up and pretty much everyone prepared something for us to share that was organic, raw, fresh and locally sourced.

Keeping the energy flowing, myself, Pete and Steve have decided that we would like to hold this event this coming Sunday. Then every fortnight thereafter, because of it's success at creating healthy communities.

If this is the first you have heard about it, then I have left the event description that I wrote up last week for you to read over at the bottom.

If this will be your 2nd week attending, then we look forward to seeing what you come up with this week. You all did so awesome last week. Hopefully, you are now a wear of a lot of the benefits of locally sourced organic food. Not only on our health, but on our planet as well and will use more of it this week.


The idea and concept is to get everyone involved in cooking with locally sourced, fresh, organic ingredients to help us nourish our bodies and become healthy. While connecting as a community and bonding over food and conversation!

Don't worry if you can not get organic, fresh or local food. Just bring along a dish this week and the following week try to replace an ingredient each time we meet. Ultimately we all will be able to hit the requirements of a wholesome nourishing meal!

You can make an entrée, a main meal or a dessert. Just so long as you bring enough to share.

If you are not confident in the kitchen just yet. Still come along and ask questions and learn about how other people were able to make the food that they made. Then have a go yourself the following week.

Bring the kids and the family. This will be a fortnightly event for all of Spring and Summer.

Let me know if you're coming and what you might be making.


Slow cooked, fermented, sprouted or raw.
Enough to share
Cooked with love (haha)

See you Sunday! :)

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